20 Questions With Abbey Christine

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Hi everybody! Today starts a new Domestica series called 20 Questions.  I'm flat-out stealing the idea from Pip at Meet Me At Mike's.  She sent out this survey out in her newsletter and I thought it was an awesome way for us to get to know some of the amazingly talented people who create all the wonderful things we carry.

Without further ado, I'd like to start by introducing you to Abbey of Abbey Christine.  Abbey creates all kinds of wonderful felt-y goodnesss, and if you've ever been to our shop, you're probably already a fan of her finger puppets and pins.  She also make the cutest baby bibs and ornaments. Every single piece is free-hand cut and sewn (no machines! one at a time!) using 100% recycled felt - completely unique and one-of-a-kind.

Abbey lives in Chicago, studies sociology, has a very cute dog and, obvioiusly, is a fan of "This American Life."

steve zissou, stevezissou, abbey christine, etsy finger puppet,finger puppet, fingerpuppet, wes anderson, wesandersonBuildings or Trees?
Hmmm. I'm a city girl now, but grew up playing in fields and barns and rock piles. So I'll say compromise with buildings surrounded by lots of green space.

Dresses or Jeans?
Jeans. Always.

House or Apartment?
I love my apartment, but we've been looking for a place to buy for almost a year now. Hoping for something with more light and not on the 3rd floor.

Shop Online or Offline?
Online, usually.

Thursday Night or Saturday Night?
I've always really liked Thursdays-- the anticipation of the weekend :)

Paintings or Prints?
Well, I bought my first piece of original art this year (a collage by Mia Christopher) and love it, but I still adore the prints that I have.

midwest states, felt pins,iowa pin, minnestoa pin, illinois pin, chicago pin, missouri pin, abbey christine, handmade pinChocolate or Strawberry?
Vanilla :)

Mac or PC?
Oh, I'm a huge fan of my Mac. I bought it a few years ago (first computer I've ever owned!) and can't imagine how I got along before.

Magazines or Blogs?
I don't read either as regularly as I would like to, but I might have to go with magazines. As great as blogs are, there's just something about being able to hold it in your hand.

Facebook or Twitter?
Facebook is great for friends. Twitter is great for everybody else.

CDs or MP3s?
Oh geez, I can't remember the last time I bought a cd. Actually, that's not true: it was last Christmas, and I'm not sure I've even listened to it. That's a little embarrassing!

Kids or Pets?
Pets. My dog is my favorite thing in the world.

joan holloway, mad men pin, felt pin, etsy pin, abbey christineCandy or Cupcakes?
Never been a baked goods girl. Give me Tootsie Rolls and I'm happy.

Rock or Rap?
Rock. Though saying "rock" makes me think of, like, Van Halen or ACDC or something.

Breakfast In or Breakfast Out?
Oh, I loooove going out to breakfast, but I rarely ever do it because I am so not a morning person.

Market or Supermarket?
Hmmm, probably depends on where I can find a good deal of soy milk. We recently discover they carry it at our favorite corner store! This is big news at my house!

Italian or Oriental?
Food? Rugs? I like pasta, but also a good pad thai :)

Heels or Flats?
Oh please. Woman that wear heels are like a foreign species to me. I just don't understand the physics of how it's done.

Late nights or Not?
Totally a night owl. It's after midnight as I write this!

Coffee or Tea?
Not to be obstinate and do this again, but: Hot chocolate

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