Make It November

November seems to be the month to make something from yourself.  All kinds of different challenges to write, sing, play an instrument, record yourself, push yourself, perhaps cut yourself, but definitely take some time to enjoy yourself.  As crafters, I know November also means time to start stressing yourself, so please, look at these other fun challenges, get inspired, take 30 minutes to do something for you (that might also turn out to be a gift for someone else) and kick this winter season off right!

November is National Novel Writing Month.  I'm participating this year and I can tell you that nothing motivates me more than checking in at NaNoWriMo's gift shop.  Guess I'm not one to be challenged for challenge's sake.

Image by Laid BackNovember's also home to the 2nd Annual Hometaping Challenge, in which you, the homeowner/person living in a shelter of some sort, tape your own album at home.  Again, it's a little past the official start date (I really do apologize), but it's still doable.  Their site doesn't boast a fancy merch table or fan club, but what it lacks in glitz, it makes up for in sheer self-satisfaction + helpful get-you-started tips.  I think this one's an awesome family project, even if you don't you finish in time to send it out as a self-published holiday album.

Chronicle Your Holiday kicked off November 1, but they're giving you a little extra time.  Not only do you get a generous time frame, you get prizes (for me, another viable motivator)!  All you do is use templates from the new Paper + Craft Book (looks awesome) to whip up your own perseonal holiday creation.  If any of you take this one on, please let me know so I can check out your project, too.  Looks fun + prizes!

Movember Grow A Mustache To End Prostate Cancer started in 2003 and is a world-wide effort to raise money and awareness in an effot to combat prostate cancer.  No beards allowed and you have to start fresh, but there's no forms to fill out or real work to be done.  Simply grow a mustache and tell everyone you're doing it to raise money for The Prostate Cancer Foundation and the Lance Armstrong Foundation (US).  Collect money (do not spend it on pints) and send it in.  Easy cool.