A Small Loss and a Big Win

If you're privvy sometimes inundated with my Facebook or Twitter posts, you already know we had a water line burst in our building.  During the blizzard conditions Sunday night, the wind blew some flashing off the roof.  This allowed the frigid air in and it, in turn, caused a water pipe in the attic to freeze and burst.  I got the call at 7am Monday morning and immediately started preparing myself for what I'd find.

Fortunately, and somehow unbelievably, the water missed the computer and most everything else. There was standing water in the back corner, some water on the front ledges, but most of the shop - and the 30 odd posters we have hanging from the ceiling - was spared.  We lost our The Little Bean collection of colorful felt brooches, hair accessories and shoe clips *sad face*, but Jen's already sending replacements *smile*.  We did lose a couple posters, but we have over 100.  It could have been so much worse.

The win side of this is twofold: my neighbors immediately offered help.  Ichi Bike, Vitae, Simply for Giggles and Subsect all offered to let me store or sell my merchandise in their shops - amazing and humbling.  So, so many other people offered help - the generosity was more than I ever could imagine and I have to give a special shout out to my friend, @bentoons, because as anyone who knows him will attest, he's such a good guy and is so generous with his time + resources.  The second win? The two prints above.

I entered a Supermarket contest (I love shopping there) because I'm a huge StudioKMO fan (I think her work is breathtaking) and I really thought I'd win because, as I tell myself when dropping quarters into a slot machine, I want it the most.  And I won!  Karen's known for her map cuts (speechless), but also offers less expensive, but no less beautiful/labor-intensive pen and ink renderings of our favorite cities.  I chose these two prints because they represent two Philadelphia parks that figure prominently in my life - Washington Square and Rittenhouse Square. 

We walked through Washington Square every day on the way to work/preschool + my mom (who passed away in 2001) would let me walk the circumference of the massive fountain one time on the way there + once on the trip home. I also loved this park because it housed a moon rock and a tree that were both part of the famed moon walk.  It made such an impression on me that now I love all things NASA/moon.  When I was in high school we moved to Rittenhouse Square which was a great squirrel-feeding park + also put me smack dab across the street from the brand-new Urban Outfitters + Betsey Johnson stores.  We all know how that played out.

On a side note, and I know this post is so long already, Karen has an IA connection - friends in Des Moines + family in NW IA.  To us Iowans, this is not surprising, because as countless ancedotes show, everyone has an IA connection.  And, I'm super excited to say, we're working on getting StudioKMO work in the shop, so then she'll have one more:)

So thank you universe, and thank you family, many thanks to friends and neighbors and to Supermarket and to Karen of StudioKMO.  Lucky!