Online Shows You Need

Don't Move Here Beautiful LosersSo cool it hurts ad agency Wieden+Kennedy also houses one of the coolest collections of online shows (video + radio) I've seen (I'm also a huge fan of VBS).

New to the pack, the show, "Don't Move Here" is an intimate look at Portland's unique, nurturing music scene. Aaron Rose, the guy I can't thank enough for giving us "Beautiful Losers" heads up the team and it's hosted by Shayla Hason.  Shayla (from the Cool Hunting interview):

I think one big difference is that it's not cult-of-personality reporting about the musicians. We try to focus on the people that are involved in all different facets of the many music scenes, like the kids who run the record studios, or the poster designers, or the bookers. We always have a band playing at the end of each episode, but we're interested in all different facets. And also, we're not interested in keeping it to bands that are on some national, albeit underground, level. We've had some bands like Yacht that are beginning to be well-known, but we're not going to talk about...The Gossip! Or...the Dandy Warhols! We're interested in the things that are bubbling up.

The show's shot well, it's interesting, there's cool bands, it's just really, really good. Eat at your desk today and check it out.


This American Life fans give a listen to Story Time where new authors read from their latest works - perfect for work-day background entertainment (For that matter, I often listen to DMH while I work.  It's comforting.) Usually I hate listening to authors read their own works, but in Episode 3, Patrick deWitt's inside his story, Ablutions. He's not reading it, he's breathing it.


Not to be missed, and I'm serious about this, is WK+Entertainment's Mixtapes.  I could blab on some more about it here, but it's just better if you go have a listen.  You'll be better for it.  Trust me. ~Chrissy