Free Music = Essential Office Tool

free music mp3Yesterday, lunch consisted of boxmade falafel with a side of Smarties. It's been like that lately. At one point today, I realized I didn't know what I'd done the previous two hours - so much to research and calls to make and calendars to check and sync. I know it'll slow down, but right now it's all over the place. And by it's, I mean me.

I'm a music junkie. I have 7800 songs in my iTunes; some I've never listened to. With my life on the verge of a nervous breakdown, I don't have time to research my own playlists and for some reason have little patience for iTunes Genius - he's just a big fat smarty pants. Enter free online music.

Now, I'm sure you're all down with Lastfm and all those other little goofy radio sites, so I'm skipping ahead to the cool stuff.  Take me at my word, you have to get on this Nylon playlist now - expires on Sunday 2/28. My fav song this far in?  Like you're asking? Headdress by Amazing Baby.

free nylon mixtape LOVE this Nylon mixtape.

The iTunes link's touchy, but here's a great hack that works awesome: The iTunes link generates a different code for everyone via a http link. Right-click the iTunes link, copy link address, then paste into new tab and copy the code at the end (mine was NF6TX63TXN9A, yours will be different) and paste this into the Redeem section on iTunes (top right on iTunes home). If it says it's been used try it in another browser (Safari, Firefox, etc).  Hurry!

OK, another hot song according to me? Know Better Learn Faster by Thao with The Get Down Stay Down

free music from urban outfittersUrban Outfitters puts out some of the best shopping tunes.  I still remember hearing The Christmas Record for the first time there back in 1984.  So much to love between their LSTN and Music Monday offerings.

free music from hype machineThe ever-ready The Hype Machine.  My go-to guy for instant access fun.  Aggregates mp3 blog posts.  You can Spy, Listen to latest uploads or search your favs.

free music from npr workout musicNPR has ll kinds of free tunes - All Songs Considered, music podcasts, Song of the Day and this little treasure Sweatin' to NPR Workout Music. Ha!  Awesome!

john pemble free film movie 12 seconds

John Pemble's 12 Second Videos aren't music, but they are free, and unlike all the other crap I tell you to go look at, they won't eat up an hour of your workday.  Oh, and they're absolutely entertaining.