Some Things I Love for Valentine's Day

It's snowing.  What else is new, huh?

Am teaching a Granny Square class at Ephemera tonite - that'll make things better.  If that fails, the toddy I'll imbibe afterwards will not. For better or worse, we're the home state of the world's best spirit, Templeton Rye. If you're not much of a whiskey drinker, this is the one for you.

Since it's so damn cold, I'm planning on drinking it hot. My friend Matt, king of all kinds of yummy concoctions taught me this little trick:

  • Add two parts sugar to one part water. Heat to a syrup.  I like to use raw sugar or organic cane sugar.  It's sorta the same difference between Morton's and sea salt; not as intense, much more satisfying.  Before you think I'm "one of those girls," please know that I make this in the microwave.  Every time. I just think good drinking needs to be a little dirty. 
  • Pour a shot of Templeton Rye into a glass.  I prefer to drink out of Puck cheese glasses, but a jelly glass, juice glass, Canadian Rockies Mounted Police souvenir glass or demitasse cup all work.  The key here is small.  If you want it to taste extra good, lean toward the trashy glass.
  • Add the really warm to hot simple syrup.  Matt says it tastes like maple syrup in a glass.  Real maple syrup.  The kind that comes from a tree.  Sweet and warm and woody.

The Much Love print above is by my fav, Ashley G. 28 bucks and it's yours.  Also comes in red, a minty blue and gold (gold!).

The glassware is: 1. Don Ho glass fr Cape Cod Photo Designs 2. Forth Worth Drinking Cup (right on!) fr Daisy Toad. 3. Big Boy Ashtray fr Eclectica Miami. 4. Montana and Wyoming Glasses fr Fast Eddie's retro rags

Keep warm.

Love, Chrissy

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