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Hi. Chrissy, here. Today, we're lucky to have one of my best friends in the world, the fabulously talented Sarah from SewZinski, as our guest blogger. Besides all the other things that make her fab, Sarah makes the  coolest wallets you've ever seen. Contact her through her Etsy shop (link through her nameback there), but be sure to check out the SewZinski Flickr to see just about every custom wallet she's made. Thanks for a great post, Sarah, and so, without further ado...

I am an avid cyclist. At least I like to fantasize that I am. I imagine that I'd hop on my bike, a la Ginger Rogers, and float down the street without a care in the world.

My healthy and Green lifestyle would allow me to stop by the local farmer's market to pick up organically grown veggies in my vintage bicycle loaded with all the accouterments before peddling off into the sunset. The truth is much more comical and would result in a head injury, some scraped knees, maybe a bent tire wheel and a spilled 40ozer. But that's ok. I can still pretend.

Bicycles are very D.I.Y.:

YOU make it work. YOU maintain it. YOU can make it as utilitarian or fashionable as you would like. It is a shape that reminds me of springtime and laughter and sunshine. Maybe someday I will own the coveted Electra Cruiser I envision myself peddling around town on.

electra super deluxe bike For now, I will just settle for beautifully crafted handmade goodies that also make me feel springy and giggly and warm.

When looking around the indie craft community, there's bicycle themed everything! From iphone cases, to screen prints, to furniture made out of recycled bike parts. I loved that so much of the items listed here are made from repurposed and re-used materials. Every real (and pretend) bike rider knows that the greener the goods, the better. I mean, we're doing our part one peddle at a time. Might as well own some gorgeously handmade accessories and art that reflect that sentiment.

These hand-embroidered fabric iphone cases from Kate Durkin are only $20. It would be a stylish way to listen to your French pop while coasting along a scenic route. (Yes, I assume everybody wants to listen to French pop while riding a bike)

screen spokes screenprint bike poster

Philly artist Greg Rizzoli’s colorful graphics will add a trippy little splash of color to a wall. He has screened posters for Girl Talk and others, and>>$10 for a limited edition poster that goes to a good cause? How can you beat that?

andy gregg bike furniture

Andy Gregg is the visionary behind these eco-friendly artistic pieces. They have an almost midcentury flair to them. Yes, they start at $500, but I’m sure that once my dreams of being a world famous cyclist come true, it will be mine.

dark cycle clothing octopus bike tee

Two things that go together like PB&J: octopi and bicycles: What can I say? Dark Cycle Clothing like their aminals to be riding bikes. I purchased this Octopus one, but have my eye on the “fox on bike” as well. Their shop offers cool discounts for multiple purchases too. $18

 scream prinitng german bike tee




Anytime I see simple signage and a foreign language, I feel like I might be in danger. This one from Scream Printing just makes me want to ride around the Autobahn. $22




bare tree exploded bike tee



American Apparel T-shirts hand screened by Bare Tree with Eco-Friendly inks. Maybe I can use this when my bike explodes into a million pieces after a haphazard bike ride back from the bar. It will help me locate all the parts. $20




wicked little twist inner tube cuff







Recycled bike inner tube and vintage fabric made by Oakland crafter, Wicked Little Twist. The mix of sweet and industrial is pretty wicked. $16

the inner works bike innertube cuff




This is rather sexy for a bike inner tube. It also has a little chain link sewn in at the edge. Very cute. Upcycled and eco friendly, cruelty free goodies. If you were a true hipster, you would wear this. From The Inner Works, $13



julien jaborska bike innertube belt

Yep, it’s a bicycle tire. So durable and stylish. It’s like the anti-preppy version of those rope belts I remember in the 80’s. Julien also has a blog to talk about the repurposed bike pieces: $30

flight path designs bike belt buckle

Inked Leather. Every buckle in Flight Path Designs is beautiful. Kinda wish they were wall art instead, but wearable art is just as cool. $38

michael and sabriney bicycle bike necklace

Riding low and mean with my gangsta bling….ok, this isn’t very gangsta-ish. But it is really sweet. The heart charm sold me on this one, oh, and the $10 price tag - from Michael and Sabriney.

kiku handmade bicycle bike necklace

Infused glass always makes me wanna eat it. SO PRETTY. I found this particular necklace on , but Kiku Handmade's Etsy shop is full of non-edible, but candy like glass pieces, all silkscreened and scrumptious. (Gosh, remember when was the ONLY only indie craft shop? - CJ)

Flapper Girl Bike Coffee cup cozy

Flapper Girl hand-embroidered coffee cozies. In mutliple colors. Yes please. I will be needing this when visiting the local coffee house. This cyclist is powered by caffeine only. $12

fluffy co wallet bike bicycle

This mini wallet is only $20. And in a lovely shade of blue. Springy and oh so bicycle-y. From Fluffy Co.

etsy happy familybike tote

Any of these Happy Family 100% cotton screened totes from HappyFamily would be cute to bring along a bike ride on the way to the farmer’s market. Plus I love the crazy tote sale this shop has. Buy 5 for $40, 3 for $25.

Knitter Girl Bike bicycle Tote

Great shape, color, bubbly retro image. $25 for the bag. Just need a scarf tied in my hair, and I’m off. From Knitter Girl.

Phoenix compost bike kick patch

I love how punk this Phoenix Compost patch is. My biggest fear riding a bike is definitely the whole car/bike relationship. It seems to be a rather abusive one. This rider is a Billy bad ass tho, and it would look cute sewn on a plain tote. $3

gal studio gruppetto cycling bicycle bike hat cap

Cycle caps are way cooler than baseball caps. Just sayin. $27 from Gal Studio.

queen bee panniers bike

I guess those really cool bags hanging off bikes are called panniers. This one is the coolest. Queen Bee makes some sweet ass vinyl purses, but she also can accessorize your bike. $125 It looks really roomy too.

vinally bike pannier

Vinally's ingenious use of the vinyl waste that comes from billboard advertising. Plus it feels rather pop/Japan to me. $70

Sweet Nature Designs flour sack screenprint bike dishcloth

This Seattle artist’s work makes me happy. All of her designs are so warm and pleasing to the eye. And the hand screening makes each on unique. $11 for something to spruce up your kitchen isn’t bad either. From Sweet Nature Designs - also, check out her blog.

True Partners in craft needlepoint embroidery bike

Needlepoint and embroidery do not need to stay on towels and pillowcases. This Schwinn Sting Ray canvas piece ($40) would look cool on the wall next to your vinyl collection. It would also remind you to get outside and ride. Or stay inside and craft.

naughty and nice birdwoman teacher print bike

Naughty and Nice's reproduction of an original drawing called “the Teacher”. I would be happy with any of the pieces from this etsy shop. All original and slightly creepy in their cuteness. ($20)

bicycle paintings bike goldie

All the bikes painted here have a story. This one was named Goldie. I like when inanimate objects get named. It makes you treat them kindly. $40 from Bike Paintings.

chainbreaker bike book shelley jackson

Chainbreaker Bike Book by Shelley Jackson is about as punk rock and D.I.Y. as bike maintenance can get. It's a hand-illustrated repair manual that's user-friendly and helps people like me, who have no idea what they are doing, choose a bike and maintain it. Included are 4 reproductions of a New Orleans bike zine. $12

screenspokes screen print bikes MS Awareness

ALSO: If you wanna pick up some cool bike screen prints AND help out a good cause, check out  

March is MS Awareness month! Show your support and buy a print for someone you care about. All sales benefit the National MS Society.  Screens 'N' Spokes is all about awesome art and a great cause. Gigposters and gearheads unite in our mission to end the devastating effects of Multiple Sclerosis.

One last cool thing I just found for local Des Moines bike and art lovers:

artcrank poster show des moines social club

Mark your calendars for Des Moines' Art Crank Poster Show at  Instinct Gallery in May to see posters created by 30 different artists and mingle with other bike/art enthusiasts.