Vintage Stitches

After spending four months in London, I have become obsessed with fashion. Not fashion as in the expensive Burberry, Armani, or Dolce and Gabbana, but handmade, artistic, made-right-in-front-of-you pieces. Spending endless hours at local markets, I watched a shirt being made just for me and waited fifteen minutes for a guy to run to his car and grab the shirt that was my size. It’s hard to find that anywhere else and I fell head over heels in love with the London markets.

Since nothing to that extent can be found in Des Moines, as great as the city is, I turned to Etsy. Chrissy came across a lady named Anna Joyce who designs and creates shirts, pillows, aprons, and tea towels to name a few. Here are some of the things she offers…



Since we are getting some of her products at Domestica, I decided to ask Anna about her inspiration and why she dedicates her time to making these beautiful pieces.

Anna graduated from California College of Arts in Oakland and eventually moved to Oregon back in 2001 with her husband. As a wedding gift, she was given money to buy a sewing machine and as soon as she learned how to do a basic stitch, she was hooked. She began selling in upscale boutiques, but business slowed down when she decided to start a family and a death in the family occurred. She’s back at it now after realizing she wasn’t fulfilling her dreams.

She gets her inspiration from vintage fabrics, dishware, and vintage picture books for children. Some of her favorite designers are Orla Kiely, Alexander Gerard, as well as Scandinavian and Mexican folk art. Her little girls also play a big part in her designs.

Not only does she get to make these awesome products, but she gets to be at home with her family as well. It sounds like the perfect life, but she stays very busy! Anna is so excited to get more products launched onto Etsy, including tote bags and holiday goodies. She is aspiring to design and produce her own line of fabric, so I guess we’ll have to keep up to date on her Etsy page (

What an inspiration. Not only is it amazing that she makes all these marvelous products, but she is truly following her dreams! London can have their markets and their crafty clothing; I’ll take Anna’s now. - Emily