Go Green, See The World + Make Your Own Magazines

Been bookmarking things I wanna share, and finally got over here to post them, so here goes...have a great week, get out + enjoy yourself before summer's end.  Patio sit + drink a little too much + a little too late; take a vacation day just to go to the pool with your kid; sketch out your yard for spring, planning a ton of bulbs for every corner; eat corn on the cob, ride your bike, and go out walking in the evenings past a reasonable time - soon it'll be dark at five.

artstop art issuu1) I guess I never realized that Issuu is free.  I posted this brochure for Artstop (a free local arts tour) from a simple pdf.  Took me about five minutes.  This opens all kinds of avenue - let your children draw a comic, scan it in, save as a pdf + then load for them to share with friends/fam; create a cool cookbook; share a mag story idea in end form; create a home tour; a recap of vacation, etc.


2) The Sunday Times (UK) had this list of 50 awesome design blogs.  I'm linking to the article end because they listed them backward.  These at the top are some of my definitely go-tos.


poppytalk school globe craft handmade3) Poppytalk's Back-to-School showcase.  Some really cool stuff here.  So time to win that lottery.


envelop tote apron pillow4) Envelop:  Works a lot like Spoonflower, but it's not just fabric. Design + sell your own totes, napkins, pillow covers, tablerunners, aprons + oven mitts, OR buy someone else's cool designs.  Shipping is less than $2.

 owl eol5) EOL (Encyclopedia of Life - a worldwide project to identify and catalogue every living species on the  planet.  Started by E.O. Wilson, a Walt Whitman-type of character + the most awesome naturalist/author/researcher ever, EOL's a Wikipedia of sorts for our planet.  It's an incredible waste of time, and by incredible I mean an incredible way to waste your time. (BTW, E.O. Wilson is a great writer + has recently published Anthill, a fictional account of the lives of ants.  It's received a lot praise + I'm dying to read it.)

 coolhunting ups reuse recycle6) UPS Reusable Mailers.