New Place, New Style

It's officially been twenty days since I've moved into the apartment and besides the fact that Internet is down almost always and the oven makes insanely loud chirping noises, I'm at home. Home has either been with family in Pella, in London, or in the dorms, but now I have my very own space and have everything I want in my room. No more Boyds bears from grandma or mom's not-so-cute candle holders. My space is flirty, yet relaxing, and totally chic. So I'm boasting, but I'm a proud lady. Check it out.


This is my little antique nook. I decided to stack old suitcases as a nightstand for fun and it totally flows with the room. Not only do I love it for its looks, but I can use it as storage.

urbanoutfitters bedspread ruffles

This is the bedspread I bought immediately after my semester in London. Anything with ruffles or flowers makes my heart do backflips, so clearly I was going to do whatever it took to get this. I paired it with soft blue sheets, pillows, drapes, and a blanket.

flowers yellow wallart

This is my reading nook, probably my favorite place in the whole apartment. I love the picture from IKEA because of my flower obsession. When my roommate and I ran across this painting, we both knew it was painted for me. Seriously. To finish the room I purchased a black desk and black book shelf. 

bed bedroomapartment decor bedroom










There you have it! A fun, girly college apartment room. I realize I may have overdone it. I'm only 20, but it's a dear passion of mine, so I embrace it. Come over sometime and I'll bake you some scones and we'll sip on some raspberry iced tea.