Get to Know Our Neighbors By Their Birthmarks

8/7 central, 8,

Connecting to our neighbors out in Des Moines' East Village has been incredible. This place is chock full of talent, everyone's super helpful and cool and beyond connected, and best of all, the food rocks! It's really a thriving neighborhood disguised as a fun shopping spot.

8/7 Central's known all over town the world for their excellent screen printing services + clean, modern graphic/web design.  One of the studio's cool cats, Jonathan Pearson, let us steal some of his precious time to tell us more about him and what goes on behind the intriguing 8/7 Central window graphics. We love what these hip dudes make, so we hope you can totally relate to our envy.

josh, 8/7 Central, smash, des moinesOkay, so we have to ask - why the name 8/7 Central? Because it's completely random, right?

When I timidly entered my first interview with the company about a year ago I was put through a rigorous q&a session.  Included in the questions was the intimately personal question, "Do you have any unsightly or unusual birthmarks?"  I, of course, blushed a shade of vermillion that would make your mother scream in agony, and even the fauviest of the fauvists would not have attempted to use on a canvas, and replied,"Yes." My birthmark looks something like this:

des moines, 8/7 Central, raygun

As I lifted up my shirt and pulled down my pants a little bit in shame, I heard a resounding gasp come from my wily cohorts.  I looked around and all the other guys had lifted their shirts and pulled down their pant tops just a little to reveal THE EXACT SAME BIRTHMARK.

Needless to say, I was given the job on the spot. 

Anyways, the birthmark obviously looks similar to the way that television stations portray show times, saying that a show will be on at 8pm eastern standard time/7pm central standard time, so we just connected the dots and decided to honor our shared birthmarks and shared vision of what a quality design and screen printing company ought to be, and made it our name.

My favorite part of working at 8/7?
I think the best part of working where I work is that each day I am involved in a creative dialogue with some extremely talented cats (sometimes I talk to people too).  I feel absolutely blessed to have a job where I can both grow as an artist and a craftsman at the same time.  
The thing that I am most excited about right now is that we're getting into designing and printing posters.  I think that Des Moines is so ripe right now for a poster culture [WE AGREE], and that there are some people around doing things with posters that are really cool...We just need more handmade posters out there promoting events, they are so much better to look at than digitally printed and in some cases, xerox posters.  I'm also excited to be screen printing in general, as an activity what I do on a day to day basis is extremely cathartic.  
raygun, rayguntees, raygunshirts, des moinesFavorite downtown eats?
Asking me which place is my favorite to eat downtown is like asking which of my children do i love the most....For lunch with my friend Amanda I like to go to Miyabi 9 because the head chef Miyabi gives her free edamame every time.  If I want fire I go to Ban Thai who has the best peanut sauce in town.  For Mexican, I love Los Laurales, they have the best 3 salsas here in town.
(Ed note: Right on!)
envy corps, envycorps, 8/7 central, 87centralMusics?
Music is a huge part of our workday, we have a constant dialogue about music going on all the time around the shop, some of the bands we have been listening to recently are; Theodore, Nathaniel Rateliff, Ratatat, Active Child, MF DOOM, CEO, Passion Pit, Black Keys, and Black Mountain.  The list is pretty huge.
If I found a hundred dollars...
If I found a cool hundred on the sidewalk I would probably buy paper with it.   
I'm working on some artwork right now for a show that I have in Sept. and October at The Lift (a local bar). 
I'm kinda a paper freak.
des moines social club, desmoinessocialclubWho has traveled the furthest?
I have no idea who has traveled the furthest.
Hope this helps.
Jonathan Pearson