Happy Halloween!

OK, so it's not here yet, but it will be.  Get a party together.  Do it.  Hardly anything's as fun as a costume party + it's an easy party that requires little or no real food, no fancy invitations and really no work. 

Come on down + grab any or all of our Owly Shadow Puppets' creepy creations.  Andrea laser cuts or hand-cuts these + screenprints them by hand, as well.  They're not expensive, but they are unique, fanciful and sure to put you in the party mood.

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The HAPPY HALLOWEEN OWL'S hand screen-printed in vintage colors on heavy weight chipboard, then hand-cut.  It's NOT TINY! Measures 12 x 15" + is equal parts beauty and spooky.

Printed on brown chipboard, the HALLOWEEN CAT FACE is a 3-color screen print on 30 weight chipboard, which has been lasercut - quite sturdy, measuring 10 x 10".

The BAT PACK = 8 bat cut-outs with holes for hanging. Various sizes, the biggest is 13" wide, the smallest is 5". They have some amazing details-- fur, fangs, and claws! They look best strung from a branch, a BATMOBILE, if you please. The shadows are beautiful. They make great Halloween decorations + really set a spooky mood for this, the best of all the holidays. Because the bats are laser-cut from heavy matboard they'll last for many Halloweens to come! (Uh, btw, I totally just cut + pasted this from Andrea's own description, so excuse me for stealing!)

The HAUNTED HOUSE CUTOUTS are three small scenes that together create a larger scene.  You can dispolay them separately, too. Overlap them or flip them to make your own display. They are meant to be displayed along a windowsill or shelf, but could also go on your wall (use the 3M poster tabs). There are 3 scenes--2 spooky old houses and one graveyard. The houses have a great amount of delicate detail, but because they are laser-cut from matboard they are sturdier than they look. Each cut-out is about 15 x 12" tall.

Happy Halloween!