{Get to Know} Etsy Designer, Nicola Rowlands

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Nicola Rowlands was planted on this earth to entertain us - at least that's our take.  She creates probably Chrissy's favorite thing on the planet, the Taco Kitty brooch, and she creates the "Word to Your Mother" shark earrings, the "I'm So Tired of Being Alone" cat/dog love card and Ray the Ginger-bearded Pocket Man Friend.

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In a way, we're a little jealous of her - she's that kind of funny, you know, the kind of funny that makes wine cellar tours + "team building" seminars bearable - and, in almost every way, we wish she lived just a little closer.

We carry a pretty big selection of Nicola's work - best viewed from Noon to 1 weekdays.  Good for washing off that conference call with the Barsto branch + the boost you need to make it through the Fargo figures. Until then, here's a little Nicola action to hold you over - let's see if we can figure out her secret for being so effin' funny.

Hi, what's your name? Nicola
What's the name of your shop? On Etsy, my seller name is Nicolaclare7 and I don't really know what the shop is called. Designs by Nicola. That's a bit boring, hey. Hey, any ideas for a good name?!
Where do you live? Manchester, England
Who do you live with - meaning family/pets? I live with my boyfriend Richard.  We are eternally saying we will get a dog. We have a dog calendar with a different dog each day.  I would like a white cat as well. Maybe in our next home.
What do you love to do in your free time? I'm a runner but I've recently had a knee injury so that's on hold. I love running, though, it clears my head, gives me a sense of accomplishment and wakes me up!

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What are your three favorite items to make? The cards are actually my favourite things to design, because I can be really silly and my printer does such a great job printing them.  I like working on commissions from people and I like doing my own personal illustrations.  
If you could create anything for your shop, what would you make? I would like to branch out to ceramics, like plates and more mugs, but I need more time to research shipping as they're heavy items and I'd need the right packaging.

What is one thing most people don't know about you? I can rap Salt ’n’ Pepa's 'Shoop' front to back. [Ed. note: How awesome is that? We love S+P.]

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And, just for fun…
Buildings or Trees? Trees!
Dresses or Jeans? I'm a jeans girl but over the past few years I've been accumulating a good dress collection, so I have lots of dresses that I like.
Shop Online or Offline? I do most of my shopping online.
Thursday Night or Saturday Night?  Thursday night, ‘cause you've got Friday, Sat and Sun to look forward to still.
Paintings or Prints? I'm not so good at painting... so prints.
Chocolate or Strawberry? Chocolate
Mac or PC? Mac!
Facebook or Twitter? Both
Kids or Pets? Both! But pets first.
Candy or Cupcakes? Candy
Heels or Flats? Flats... I'm almost 6 foot tall so heels aren't my friend.
Night Owl or Early Bird? Both!!
Coffee or Tea? Yes please!