Easy To Make: Sew the Most Adorable Holiday Skirt

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My mom's "thing" was matching.  She matched her own outfits with Pantone precision - sweater, slacks, shoes, scarf, trench, bag - and harbored a smaller "thing" for matching her own outfit to mine.  Mostly at Christmas.

I hated it.  Not so much the matchy part, but the choice of matching. Had we gone with my favorite Christmas outfit of all time - a long mint-green Esprit sweater with matching grey + cream striped sweater tube skirt, cream cabled tights and silver slippers - I'd have embraced her idea whoeheartedly.  But, alas, each year's twin set consisted of either wool plaid skirt or pants (she leaned toward blackwatch plaid, but we were also often seen in Christmas green + red) with matching blouse, sweater and shoes. It sounds as itchy as it was.

Speed forward 20+ years and finally I'm the mom, but! with no daughter to torture.  If I did have a daughter, my "go-to" holiday matching outfit would start with this holiday tablecloth skirt - every year.  Way less itchy, but probably no less teen torture.  Too bad! 

It's absolutely fab + retro + adorable and Stephanie from the awesome Always The Forest blog's put together the easiest-to-make-and-follow tutorial ever.  You can whip it up in an afternoon and be swirling a martini under th mistletoe by cocktail hour! No daughter, no sweat!  Call some friends, have a little pre-party sew-in, then slip on some shoes and make the rounds!