20 Questions with Reagan Juel

vintage jewelry, pinup girls, handmade jewelry, necklace,

I'm crazy in love with Reagan Juel's vintage-meets-punk rock style - found watch cases and bottle caps and good-time girls - tough and sweet all at the same time.  Her earrings rock, her necklaces rock + I'm just so thrilled to have them.  Reagan's an Iowa girl + as you'll see in a minute, lives a pretty cool life.  Stop in + try on all her beautiful wares or catch her this weekend at Valley West Mall's Heartfest art show.

PS.  Can I tell you how much I love these 20 Questions features - more to come + hey, maybe we should do one that's all about you guys - love that idea!

vintage jewelry, pinup girls, handmade jewelry, necklace,vintage jewelry, pinup girls, handmade jewelry, necklace,

What's your name?  Reagan Juel Nissen-Eubank.  Yeah I know, that’s a lot of me.

Where do you live?  In a most excellent representation of Prairie School architecture found in the most unlikely of places.  We are surrounded by painted ladies, but are the true cool kid in town.  

Who do you live with - meaning family/pets?  I live in an almost boys only club.  Three wicked cool sons.  Liam – 10, Aidan – 8 and Griffin – 5. Liam is my business manager, Aidan my design assistant and Griffin is the next Jim Carrey so he provides the entertainment.  I also have a 90+ pound Golden named Marley.  And a husband named Brett.  I guess the cat’s a girl, but she hates us all so I don’t really count her. 

What do you do as your day job?  I am a Network Tech at a hospital. So. Nerd. 

Buildings or Trees?  Beautifully designed buildings where I can see lots of trees.

vintage jewelry, pinup girls, handmade jewelry, necklace,

Dresses or Jeans? Oh see another hard one.  I am a ripped jeans and rock tee girl for sure.  But do so love vintage dresses.

House or Apartment?  House.

Shop Online or Offline?  Off.  You want me happy you send me to someplace like the East Village, the Old Market or a huge antique mall.

Thursday Night or Saturday Night?  Thursday.  I am all about anticipation. 

Paintings or Prints?  Paintings.

Chocolate or Strawberry?  Caramel.  Did I mention I am difficult?

Mac or PC?  Want a Mac, due to my job am forced to live with a PC.

Magazines or Blogs?  Blogs.  Never did like all the smelly inserts.

vintage jewelry, pinup girls, handmade jewelry, necklace,

Facebook or Twitter?  Ug.  Um, Facebook.

CDs or MP3s?  MP3’s

Kids or Pets?  Totally kids, but my pet is a bigger baby than my kids.

Candy or Cupcakes?  Candy.

Rock or Rap?  Don’t even say that word to me.  Rock all the way.

Breakfast In or Breakfast Out?  Hmm.  In if I am being served but as that never happens… Out.

Market or Supermarket?  It’s a small town.  If I want to eat we only have Supermarkets.

vintage jewelry, pinup girls, handmade jewelry, necklace,

Italian or Oriental?  Indian?  See it starts with an I and is in the oriental direction so it’s cool.

Heels or Flats?  Flats.

Late nights or Not?  Let’s just say sleep is not my friend and I do my best work after dark. 

Coffee or Tea?  No brainer.  Coffee.  Fancy, yummy, total crap for me candy coffee. 

vintage jewelry, pinup girls, handmade jewelry, necklace,

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