Organize Your Jewelry Already!

jewelry organizer, tutorial, diy organizer, get organized, storage

Lose that old cereal bowl on your dresser + trash that acrylic caddy in your bathroom! Do not toss all your new Valentine's baubles into that scrap heap you call a "jewelry box." It's time to start fresh for this year's bountiful jewelry collection.  Make your own Domestica signature (!) jewelry organizer - just like the one's we have in the shop*.

1. Read all the direcions before you leave for the store.  There are a few optional methods along the way and you'll wanna know about them before you buy. Also, when you're ready to hang the organizer, it's much easier if you have help.

jewelry organizer, tutorial, diy organizer, get organized, storage

2. Buy the things on the list above.  You will also need a screwdriving apparatus.  I prefer an electric something-or-another since drywall screws are notoriously difficult to screw into drywall anchors. Also check out the pegboard accessories section for a wide selection of pegs, mini shelves, cups, etc. that you can use to personalize your organizer.  Do not get individual metal pegs, they will just fall out.  Trust me.

3. Spray paint your metal sheet + let it dry completely. Follow the temp recommendations on the can - too cold outside = disaster.  I use a two-in-one paint formula to avoid using a primer.  I am lazy.  I also don't use gold or silver paint to avoid eye strain/swearing while looking for a necklace.

4.  Place painted metal sheet against the wall to mark where you'll place drywall screws.  You might want to also make a little x next to the hole in the sheet metal you used to mark the screw placement. This will help you find it again once you're ready to attach the organizer to the wall. Get out a level or use a leveling iPhone app - whatever - to be certain everything is kosher before you drill a hole. Seriously.

jewelry organizer, tutorial, diy organizer, get organized, storage

4. Pre-drill + insert drywall anchors. (If you'd rather, use hollow wall expanding anchors that actually expand out on the other side of the wall as you screw them in.)  Grab your painted sheet metal and thread a screw through the upper left corner hole - the one you used to mark the screw placement. Slide on two washers in any configuration.  Mine are flat sides facing.  Do the same to the upper right hand corner.

jewelry organizer, tutorial, diy organizer, get organized, storage

5. Screw left side into the wall following your original marks.  Do the same with the right side and lower left + right corners.  Ta da!  Take a picture + then hang organizers + then jewelry.  Take another picture + then post it somewhere + send me the link.

* For smaller pieces such as stud earrings, look for clear plastic mini bins and containers that attact to your organizer.

** This post inspired by ReadyMade mag's 7 DIY Jewelry Organizers post. Thought peeps might wanna know how to make ours, too.