Happy Birthday Domestica Blog!

Awesome Hooray Banner by NiceWorking on a Valentine's Day post + realized that the blog's a year old! Yay! That means the Domestica year anniversary is not too far away, either.  Wow.

A year ago today, I taught a Granny Square class at one of my favorite shops, Ephemera (where I met some awesome peeps I still love seeing), and gave readers a little recipe for one of my fav winter drinks.  Here's the post in case you're interested. (Since Templeton is so difficult to find, I recommend any smooth rye or whiskey such as Cedar Ridge or Maker's Mark.)

This year, I'm really working on ramping up the blog.  There's always a ton to do around the shop and paperwork (!) and life, so it's one more thing, but I love doing it.  I started one of the first craft fan blogs, Popsicle Stick, back in 2005.  Back then, there weren't very many blogs at all, let alone blogs about craftspeeps. I wish I'd kept that blog up - I should go back through and see if I still have the files - would be interesting to read.  I also wrote a Des Moines kids blog, which is archived at my last blog, Gussied Up

I'd love to add some guest bloggers and guest posts this year, make some fun video tutorials and really just have a great time with this little space we call or internet home.  Contact us any time, ssend us pics, send us post ideas + favrite finds you'd like to share, and definitely send us post queries if you'd love to write something.

We're also adding sponsorship next month.  It's absolutely curated to our readers, but we're going to offer the first couple months free - do a little market water-testing and see what happens.  If you're interested, please send us a note thru the site or at Domestica411 at gmail.

One more thing...THANKS YOU GUYS!