Mad About Abbey Christine Finger Puppets + Giveaway!

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If you know me, you already know how crazy I am about Abbey Christine's funny fab finger puppet characters.  These impressive felt wonders manage to capture the likeness of some of my favorite charcters from TV, film and pop culture - Joan Halloway, Steve Zissou, Martha Stewart, Ira Glass...

Our customers are smitten with them, too - Ira Glass is a girl favorite, which I think is pretty funny - he's a little public radio hottie.  Steve Zissou's been the subject of a local's travelogue, but word on the street is that she's not the only one who's given her finger puppet it's own "life."

For 2011, Abbey created eight new characters + just yesterday unveiled the final (and best* - ed.) one.  There's Omar Little, Max Fischer, Peggy Olsen, Don Draper, Frida Kahlo and Liz Lemon (the best* - ed.).  In Abbey's own words: "This year’s designs have been quite a few months in the works. Frida and Omar have both appeared in slightly different forms in the past, and Max has been one I’ve reworked a couple times in order to get all the details just right. As for Liz Lemon, she’s a character I love so much that I vowed I wouldn’t rest until I’d figured out a way to render her in tiny felt form. And Don and Peggy, well, you all probably know already how I feel about Mad Men. Heck, I’d make the whole cast if I could (I’m not too far from that as it is anyway!). I really hope you’re as excited about these new puppets as I am, and thank you to everyone for your support (and guesses!) during last week’s Sneak Peek Week. You are all awesome!"

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We're pretty excited about all the new puppets and to have been a winner during last week's guessing.  Abbey's agreed to let me pay forward my big win + we've added a little deal sweetner - leave a comment below, on our Facebook, or go on + tweet @ShopDomestica the name of your favorite Abbey Christine Finger Puppet character + you could win one of your very own (up to $20).  If you change your mind between comment time + (bi) winning, no big deal - let us know and she'll send your favorite du jour.  Get going!  Contest ends Friday at, um, let's say noon.

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*I really ID with Liz Lemon - her look, her taste in men (Dean Winters, call me!), her fear of choking to death on Skittles...This quote pretty much describes my fashion sense:

Celeste Cunningham: I like your necklace.
Liz Lemon: Oh, thank, it's actually a rape whistle, but the whistle part fell off and I just liked how it looked, so I kept it....