{Get to Know} Urban Posture's Leslie & Sarah

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This week, we're putting the spotlight on Urban Posture. Leslie and Sarah teamed up to add a little zest to everyday office and home products, like clip boards, binders and tea towels. We carry their full line + even created a discounted gift pack just for you: a binder, tabbed dividers, pencil and tea towel for just $28 - turn it into a recipe book & it's a perfect gift for a bridal shower! Visit our East Village store or just shoot us an email domestica411 at gmail and we'll hook you up!

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Want to know more about Urban Posture? Leslie and Sarah lay it all out for us - from their hobbies to their favorite crafts. We'll let them do the talking...

Who are the faces of Urban Posture? Leslie Poyzer and Sarah Wolfgang

Where do you live? Leslie lives in Brooklyn, NY and Sarah lives in good ole Des Moines.

Who do you live with - family/pets? 

Leslie: My roommate Sarah, not Sarah Wolfgang my business partner. :) I am not a pet person, there is an exception though and that is fish, but I haven't had a fish for several years now. 

Sarah: I live with my darling husband, Jacob, and our 10 month old son, Roy.

tea towel, hand-screened towel, screenprinted fabric, screenprinted towel, faux bois, woodsy design, country kitchen What do you love to do in your free time? 

Leslie: Bake! Time in the kitchen is so relaxing to me and I also enjoy seeing the joy from the people I get to feed. I also love to knit, sew, make paper crafts, and watch Jane Austin, and BBC movies (really dorky, I know). 

Sarah: I'm constantly remodeling/re-decorating our house. I also play in my husband's band, Wolfgang. We are very involved in our church and spend a lot of time with our family. And, of course, lots of crafting!! Right now, I'm working on a Halloween custom for Roy. He's going to be an owl so his Daddy can go as Harry Potter. Jacob doesn't know this yet... ;)

What are your three favorite items to make?  

Leslie: In the terms of crafting it would be 1. knitted neck warmers 2. anything that involves paper, cardboard, and a hot glue gun 3. Christmas decor

Sarah: I don't think I have favorites - I really just enjoy the creative process. I'm the girl that loves figuring out how to make things and once the mystery is solved I kinda loose interest. I guess I'm always working on new wall art and furniture or decor.

If you could create anything else for Urban Posture, what would you make?

Leslie: Wallpaper, I love wallpaper and feel that there is a great need for more clean modern designs out there.

Sarah: Completely agree! We'd love to make do we do that? 

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And, just for fun…   

Leslie, Buildings or Trees? Trees

Dresses or Jeans? oooh... hmmmm. Dresses

Shop Online or Offline? offline because I love to touch and feel and see it in person.

Chocolate or Strawberry? Strawberry

Mac or PC? Mac

Kids or Pets? Kids

Candy or Cupcakes? CUPCAKES!

Night Owl or Early Bird? Night Owl

Coffee or Tea? Depends on the time of year, I LOVE both.

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And, just for fun…   

Sarah, Buildings or Trees?  Both... I'm a city girl, but gotta have my trees.

Dresses or Jeans? Dresses. [Ed. note: Sarah has THE cutest dresses.]

Shop Online or Offline? Offline.

Chocolate or Strawberry? Chocolate, of course. 

Mac or PC? PC. I've never had a Mac, nor can afford one...

Kids or Pets? I've never had any pets, so kids.

Candy or Cupcakes? Chocolate ;)

Heels or Flats?  Flats, but I wish I could walk in heels.

Night Owl or Early Bird? Early Bird...not by choice - Roy has decided this for us.