Welcome {Made}!

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If you're a Market Day fiend like me, you no doubt saw Made's classic/cool/retro/Palm Beach-y earrings and bracelet's at this season's kick-off event. I think I know every single designer/maker in the State, and yet, I hadn't really heard of {Made} or {Made} Community (their online collective) until they contacted me a couple of weeks ago.

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So glad!  We now carry thier bracelets, earrings and jewelry/key organizers. The jewelry's so pretty! Every piece is something you'll want and there's no two exactly alike, so it's not going to freak you out to see your friend wearing them with her striped tee + pedal pushers.  Chunky or slim, 60's styled with a dash of 80's, all with saturated color pops -  I have a hard time describing the pieces, so I'll let the lovely (and so nice) creatives behind {Made}, Tiffany Ralston and Rachel Roewe, speak for themselves + the ideas behind their beautiful designs (I stole these passages fr their website. Click their names or photos to read more.)

Tiffany says :  I hope that others see my work as well-designed functional pieces that bring a little joy in their lives. Knowing that it was crafted from my hands and shared with them. The passing of energy from one to another is a powerful feeling that I would like more people to experience. I hope to share this feeling with others.

Rachel says :  I love possibility.  When I look things, I think of all the “what-if?” combinations. I like to mix and match them until I get it right.  Sometimes a curse in real life, in beads, it’s a blessing. I like to keep swapping out different colors and textures and patterns, just in case, just to see, what might be a perfect match. I love to create something from nothing.

We love everything {Made} + we'd love to show it all off - come see!

jewelry organizer, jewelry tree, jewelry board, key ring, key board, key holder, key organizer, entry way, entryway, keys, iowa key organizer, iowa products, made in iowa, des moines handmade, handmade for guys, domesticaBeautiful reclaimed wood key/jewelry organizers - including some very guy-friendly Iowa-themed pieces.