Pinterest, Pops of Color + How It All Relates to Wes Anderson

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Lately I've been lost in the haze of Spring Fever - that time of year when concetration goes out the open window + everyone's sneezing their heads off  + thoughts turn to whether its sunny enough to wear new sunglasses and melon-shade nail polish.

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It's old news that "pops" of color" are all the rage this season, and despite all my resolutions to stick to a Chrissie Hynde/Kate Lanphear color palette, I find myself gravitating toward these almost-80's color palettes.  I'm not trying to re-claim my 8th grade self, but I have to admit, I kinda miss Esprit.  Lately, I've been spending a lot of time on Ampersand Design's Morgan Georgie's Wanting in My Closet Pinterest board.

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My other sort-of obsession is Need Supply.  I love their styling, I love that they use You Work For Them fonts (like me!), I love their new Wes Anderson movies-inspired Spring 2012 Lookbook. It's full of careful pops of color - teasers, if you will. 

need supply

Looking at it puts me in a dream state - pretty much the same way at stills from Moonrise Kingdom does.  I watch Wes Anderson films and the colors, the scenery, the set design all work to put me in a state of nostalgia - a yearning for long leisurely days filled with selfish pursuits - hours spent watching one brown ant hill, days wasted on the sole task of building a fort marked in the wood with a red mechanic's rag, long languid bike rides past mile after mile of green field - long languid bike rides that aren't just bike rides at all.

moonrise kingdom