Tracy Chapman Glass Votive Altar Candle from Flaming Idols. Whether you're a recovering Catholic or a witchy satanist pagan – or both! - this altar candle will fill your homosexual spiritual needs.

Tracy first caught our hearts with 1988's song Fast Car, narrating a dream of escaping poverty with a partner. Throughout her career Tracy has shown a commitment to social justice causes, including LGBTQ issues. She remains private about her personal life and disclosed her relationship with Alice Walker only after it ended. She has come out as a feminist and been heard, “Talkin' 'bout a Revolution.”

You might light this candle and look to Tracy for inspiration and guidance in: Rising up to take what's yours, being outspoken about the things you care about, rocking gorgeous locs.

Candle is 2.5in high and 2in wide at the base. Burns for approximately 10 hrs. Designed with love by Flaming Idols in Philadelphia, PA.

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