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TGD Traveler No. 2

In this issue: Entertainer and musician Reggie Watts improvises his creative path and creates work that recontextualizes experiences; the band Kllo learns to trust the process and let go in order to continue evolving their sound; artist and designer Maja Dlugolecki balances work and play, in her studio and out in nature; and artist and programmer Zach Lieberman builds community and embraces the gift of curiosity.

Orders start shipping the first week in January (or earlier). Shipping is $3 (USD) worldwide. Please note: Travelers are shipped separately from back issues.

  • 64 pages 
  • 6.5x9.25 inches (164x236mm)
  • FSC-certified uncoated paper, offset-printed/saddle-stitched

TGD Traveler is the perfect travel-sized version of our beloved large format magazine—small and light enough to take anywhere—packed with the same inspiring content our readers love. Each issue contains 4 features with today’s artists, makers, and risk takers, all for just $9.95 (USD).

Find issue No. 1 with designer Leta Sobierajski cover HERE.

Listen to their podcast and see digital content HERE.