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From the awesome Field Notes folks:

After stumbling upon Dime Novels online, and then purchasing a few examples from collectors, we became obsessed with their form as physical objects: the typesetting, the printing, the compact size, the paper stock, and the sewn bindings. For our 36th Quarterly Edition, we’ve reproduced them as best we could, right down to the iconic dusty-orange covers and overheated advertising copy. We did take a few liberties: Field Notes wouldn’t be Field Notes without rounded corners, high-quality paper, and the totally-anachronistic-to-1860 Futura typeface.


The format and construction of our “Dime Novel” Edition is all-new for us. They’re 4¼"× 6½", right between our “Memo Book” and “Note Book” sizes. The 100# French Paper Co. Construction “Safety Orange” cover is far more durable than what was used on the original Dime Novels, and the “Natural White” Strathmore Premium 70# you’ll find inside is the highest-quality body paper we’ve used in any Field Notes edition ever. The 72 body pages are Smyth-sewn in three, 24-page signatures with Coats Dual-Duty thread, then securely glued into the cover.